How it works

Via ShopDonation you can donate for free by shopping at all affiliated online stores. You just have to click on a webshop (such as Reebok, TataCliq, etc.) and make a purchase there. This costs you nothing extra and you can choose which cause you want to support for every purchase. In this way, we together redistribute commercial profits to social projects.

"Too good to be true"?

We sometimes get asked where the catch is, but there really is none and we invite you to test this for yourself. Hundreds of social causes are supported daily via ShopDonation, from renowned organisations to small-scale projects.

Where does this donation come from?

When ShopDonation delivers a ''customer'' to an online store, we receive a commission as a ''reward''. This is often a percentage of the purchase price, sometimes a fixed amount (for example in the case of insurance or telephone subscription). ShopDonation passes 60% of this bonus to the cause of your choice! We use the other 40% for our own expenses.


You buy shoes for ₹10000. Because you shopped through Shopdonation, we receive ₹600 (depending upon the percentage of the purchased price), of which ₹360 (= 60% of ₹600) goes automatically to the project you have chosen.

Confirmation of your donation

ShopDonation is the only platform where you can get a confirmation of your donation by email, as well as in your ShopDonation-account. When creating a user account, your email address will never be shared with other parties, not even the cause you have supported. Read more on how we fully protect your privacy.

Stay anonymous

If you don't wish to create a user account, that's fine too. You can still support your cause by shopping anonymously, without logging in. In this case, we can't send you an (email) confirmation though. You can verify your donation by checking the ''recent donations'' at the bottom of the homepage, or contacting the project you have chosen to support.

Always know which cause you're supporting

At the top of the stores page, you'll always see which cause is supported as soon as you start shopping. You can change this yourself at any time and when you're logged in, your chosen cause will be saved.

A structural difference

Since most people shop on a recurring basis, this means the social projects registered on ShopDonation can receive a much needed continuous source of income, which is often difficult for nonprofit organisations to generate. Even the smallest recurring online purchases are therefore greatly appreciated!

If you're part of a cause, check how much you can expect to raise using ShopDonation here.

Hundreds of users and causes verify ShopDonation daily

The system has been set up in such a way that it is completely transparent (read here why this is important to us), so that all affiliated initiatives can see live via their account how much has been collected. With each donation, both users and causes can see whether the amount has already been paid out or when it will be paid out. Any possible discrepancy can be checked by both parties, up to the first purchase since the start of ShopDonation.

Read more about how ShopDonation is verified daily by users and causes.

Are you going to make an online purchase soon? Try it out!

If you are planning to make an online purchase, test the ShopDonation system and see if it works. It won't cost you anything extra. You generate a donation for free, by making two extra clicks, to an initiative of your own choice. Many of your favourite retailers are already participating.

Together we redistribute commercial profits to the good in society!

Start donating for free!

* We are going to expand internationally

We are currently franchising internationally in order to offer this concept in every country where online shopping is common. That means every charity, social project, citizen initiative, community action, organisation, club and/or association can receive multiple streams of income from multiple countries.

Causes will soon simply receive one international link that they can promote worldwide to receive (shop) donations. For online shoppers, this means that even if they travel or live (temporarily) in other countries, they can still support the same cause with online purchases worldwide.

Countries where ShopDonation is already active:

- United States:
- United Kingdom:
- Switzerland:
- South Africa: