Supporting the good in society, by redistributing profits. 
That's what ShopDonation is about:

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How it works

1Find your cause

Through ShopDonation, you can donate for free to your favourite cause when you shop online. This will not cost you anything extra, you simply need to start by selecting your favourite cause here.

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2Choose an online store

Now that you have chosen a cause, you can select the online shop where you would like to shop. All the online shops at ShopDonation will donate a part of your purchase to the cause you' ve selected here.

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3Shop and donate for free

Once you click on an online shop, a percentage of every purchase you made will be given to the selected cause.

Let's say you buy shoes on Amazon for ₹10000. Because you shopped through Shopdonation, we receive ₹600 (depending upon the percentage of the purchased price), of which ₹360 (= 60% of ₹600) goes automatically to the project you have chosen.

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